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We are a leading Environmental and Civil Engineering consulting firm with over forty years of experience and expertise in providing cost effective and compliant engineering solutions across the nation and abroad.

Our story

Reid Engineering Co. (REC) was formed by John H. Reid, P.E. in 1977 with a passion to provide a superior and more responsive client experience for private and public clients while raising the standard in engineering solutions delivery. We are comprised of experienced professionals that are truly dedicated to their passion for solving problems and embracing challenges through value-add engineering. Since inception, we have been committed to a strategic focus of being the best in the world at wastewater treatment planning, engineering, design and design build services in the Food Processing, Protein (Poultry and Red Meat), Rendering, Dairy, Municipal and Federal markets.

We have built our core business around serving clients across the nation and around the world from one central strategic office located in close proximately to four airports just outside of Washington D.C. allowing our staff to be responsive to our client’s needs at a moments notice. Our engineering staff are licensed in over forty states which allows clients to rely on our expertise to guide them through the entire project lifecycle regardless of project location. This strategic business model allows us to stay laser focused on our core services and markets while eliminating the headache, bureaucracy and high overhead costs of operating multiple offices ultimately adding tremendous value to our clients. You can count us. We have your back!

We believe in both a corporate and professional responsibility to provide sound, practical and value-added engineering solutions that first and foremost meet or exceed our clients’ regulatory compliance requirements and at the same time make an intentional effort to reduce project costs and to contribute positively to their environmental impact. This is Responsible Engineering. Ultimately, our mission is to play an instrumental role in protecting, sustaining and positively impacting the earth’s resources for future generations to rely on and enjoy.


REC has a core leadership team that is focused on strategic innovation in engineering design and project delivery. The priority of the leadership team is to lead and drive REC to operate as a high-performance firm that is always responsive to clients needs, committed to excellence in every deliverable and goes the extra mile for every client every time.

John H. Reid, P.E.

Shane Reid, P.E.
Vice President of Operations

Wade H. Tanner, P.E.
Director of Engineering

Adam E. Zimmerman, P.E.
Sr. Project Manager

From the President

At Reid Engineering we truly understand and care about the capital investment you make in your water, wastewater, renewable energy or beneficial reuse projects. Furthermore, we are passionate about the cost, compliance, operation, longevity and reliability of your capital projects and are committed to providing the best engineering solutions while maintaining a cost-conscious mindset. We exist to serve and guide each client at every turn from project and financial planning, through preliminary and final design, permitting, bidding, construction administration, design build delivery and start-up and operation.

We value your business and more importantly the relationships with each of you we work with and are committed to your success.We thank you for your continued support and belief in Reid Engineering to be your trusted engineering partner. We look forward to forming new relationships with those of you that we are not currently working with and invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and how Reid Engineering may be your engineering guide on your next project.

Our valued customers

Community success story

Our values

  • Be Humble. Serve Others (Our clients, customers and each other)
  • Be Excellent. Being the best we can be in all that we do/are/and become. Being passionate for client Interests. Never settle for “Good Enough” have higher expectations.
  • Be Creative/Inventive and Innovative. Building new business in different markets by sticking to our core service/niche. Support and Embrace change and growth. Always look for new ways to be effective and profitable.
  • Be Honest and Trustworthy. Maintain a work ethic of Integrity.
  • Be a Company that Values People. To respect our clients, our employees and our company.
  • Be a Team with an Effective Project Design and Management System.
  • Challenge our Employees. To be passionate about the company, and, company vision. To do their best. To develop in their career. To grow technically. To work hard and go the extra mile. To reach their purpose.